In an era where the press take their liberal leanings and turned them into ‘fake news, it’s essential to have trustworthy news sources that doesn't treat conservatives like pariahs. The Texan is a big part of the solution!


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The Patriot level is for Texans who want to go above and beyond in supporting objective journalism for our state. By voluntarily subscribing at a higher price, Patriot members enable us to produce more news and enable more Texans to have access to that news.

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Other than free admission to The Texan events, no. This tier allows you to support our mission of delivering objective journalism in the State of Texas. In order to fulfill that mission, this tier does not enable members to make special requests or otherwise influence the way The Texan is run.

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You can cancel your paid subscription at any time. When you cancel, we will stop charging your account the following billing cycle. Each billing cycle is one month or one year, so your access will continue for the remainder of the current period.

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Absolutely not. We do not share your information with any third parties. If you have granted us permission to, we can use your personal information in order to send you newsletters, with the intent of offering you the best subscription service possible.


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